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"Visiting the Hadzabe Tribe and Maasai village were experiences I will never forget"

Tanya, Australia

Cultural Experiences

For many travellers, coming to Africa allows the opportunity to combine your safari with some unique cultural experiences.


African Scenic Safaris is very careful to select only those experiences, which benefit the community and does not give any negative impact or risk the changing of these cultures.


There are 3 cultural experiences we like to encourage...




Hadzabe Tribe at Lake Eyasi

In the area of Lake Eyasi, live approximately 700 members of the Hadzabe tribe, who have maintained the same way of life for over 10,000 years. They are nomadic hunter-gatherers, living in makeshift huts, which they relocate on a regular basis. They raise no lifestock, grow no food or buy any supplies and it’s an experience to see people living in a world so far away for the modern lifestyle.


Watching their daily camp routine is an unforgettable experience however the main highlight of visiting the Hadzabe tribe, is going hunting with them. Following them on foot, you will witness their hunt with traditional bow and arrows. This is an exhilarating experience, which you will probably never experience again. During your time in this region, you can also visit the Datoga Tribe and the Blacksmith’s.




Maasai village overnight stay

The Maasai are a tribe of people who live in parts of Tanzania and are known as tall and fierce warriors. They are one of the most well known African tribes and can be recognised by their red Shuka (clothing). They live off the land and their wealth is determined by the amount of cattle they have.


There are many Maasai villages, which have set up tourist programs to bring visitors to their village. The village, which African Scenic Safaris takes clients to, is a remote village, taking visitors only from our company. This ensures a true and unique experience.


Upon arrival you will be introduced to the village and once the Maasai men return from their day with the cattle you will see the full village in action as well as watching the sunset in this beautiful area of West Kilimanjaro. This evening you will experience a traditional Maasai goat ceremony and watch the Maasai dancing, which is a highlight of your Maasai experience. The next morning you will learn about the local medicine as well as the women showing you the art of their jewelry making. The Maasai women learn this from a young age and you will have the opportunity to purchase some of their work.


A visit to this village is helping support the community and provide some much needed income for them, especially for covering school fees for the Maasai children.




Chagga Tribes around Mt Kilimanjaro

Visiting the Chagga Tribes is a pleasant day for those wanting to stay around the Kilimanjaro area and not heading off on the safari circuit.


The chagga descended from various Bantu groups who migrated from elsewhere in Africa to the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro in the eleventh century. When you are in Moshi or the nearby villages of Machame or Marangu, you can consider yourself in “Chagga Town”.


You can enjoy a day trip into the village of Marangu. You will visit the blacksmith’s, then discover the Chagga war caves in which the local people used to live in years ago. A coffee tour will be provided, followed by a local lunch and your last activity for the day is visiting the local waterfalls for a swim.




For any of these experiences, contact African Scenic Safaris.