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"Any anxieties you might have about travel will be allayed by African Scenic’s hospitality and professionalism"

Kate, USA

Ethical Climb

Choosing a company to climb with can be based on many factors such as cost, recommendation, safety and reputation, guides experience & training etc. Whilst all of these are important, there may be other hidden factors you have not thought about which are worth your consideration.




Porter Treatment

Fair treatment practices have become very important to the climbing public. The International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC) created the Partner for Responsible Travel Program, through their local NGO, Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP). This was to highlight and work alongside those climbing companies in compliance with Proper Porter Treatment Guidelines.


African Scenic Safaris is very proud to be a member of these organisations and we have voluntarily agreed to be scrutinized thoroughly on all of our climbs, to ensure our porters are being treated properly.


The Partner for Responsible Travel program, is a select group of companies who have proven to provide fantastic treatment to their guides, cooks and porters. Unfortunately porters on Kilimanjaro are often not treated and looked after well and we are working with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project to bring awareness about this, which starts by giving a good example.


How do we do this?

  • We pay very good salaries.
  • We provide 3 meals per day which is a rarity for Kilimanjaro mountain crews.
  • We ensure they have adequate tents for the conditions.
  • We ensure they have adequate clothing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.
  • We ensure each porter is carrying no more than 20 kilos.
  • We encourage clients to tip directly to each crew member and we provide envelopes at the climb briefing for this. If all tips are given to a guide to distribute, we have procedures for this, which ensures all tipping is distributed fairly.
  • We have medical insurance cover for the crew should anything happen to them on the mountain.

A comment we always get from clients is how happy our crew look on the mountain and by treating them well, we have the luxury of having the best guides, cooks & porters wanting to work for us.


For more information on the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistant Project, please visit or for the International Mountain Explorers Connection, please visit



Whilst on Kilimanjaro, please adopt the below practises so we can ensure the protection of this incredible mountain...

  • Do not litter anywhere on the mountain, including cigarette buts.
  • Dispose of toilet paper correctly at the campsites, not leaving it in bushes along the trail.
  • Do not to carry disposable plastic bottles.
  • Stay to the paths and do not walk through vegetation.
  • Assure you are leaving each campsite in the same clean way you found it.

Climbing with African Scenic Safaris = peace of mind that your climb is having a positive impact on this beautiful country.