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Our Commitment to Meaningful Travel

Improving life for people, places and planet... 

Over the years travelers have become more aware of the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism. Unfortunately, many companies have taken advantage of this concept and participated in what is known as ‘Greenwashing’, claiming to have a positive impact and give back to people, places and the planet when in fact they are not.

Tanzania is one of the more expensive African safari destinations, due to many external factors, including higher operational costs than most destinations. As you will have realised it’s very competitive and there are lots of choices. But buyer beware, oftentimes lower priced trips, both here and anywhere in the world, usually means something is being sacrificed. It’s could service standards, safety or comfort, but it’s usually the local workers who will suffer the most.

We believe in total transparency to our clients, our teams and our communities, and would like to share with you what makes travelling with African Scenic Safaris different from many other companies.


  • We are 100% Tanzanian owned
  • For over a decade we have employed local Tanzanians and their families, now boasting a team of 150+
  • We are committed to equality and the protection of human rights. We offer the highest standards of fair and ethical treatment for Kilimanjaro mountain crew, as a certified partner of The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project and aim to empower women to take on roles as guides and porters.
  • Support for local families and grassroots projects through our charity, Path to Africa
  • Responsible volunteer recruitment through Hostel Hoff which actively supports a number of local social enterprise projects helping women and children

Every traveler, every itinerary, has an opportunity to drive economic empowerment in our communities. This means supporting local businesses, boosting employment, and ensuring that your money has a positive impact on the communities you visit.


  • Our itineraries contribute to community owned cooperatives and local social enterprises
  • Protecting cultural heritage, we only support authentic experiences to ensure local people and cultures are not exploited through tourism
  • We do not offer excursions globally recognised for exploitation of children such as orphanage visits or slum tours
  • We do not offer excursions involving captive wildlife or human wildlife interactions
  • We are the first mainland Tanzania tour operator to become a Travelife Partner company

We are committed to the protection of biodiversity and wildlife, utilising local resources and waste reduction. This not only dictates where we travel, but also the experiences we create and services we provide.


  • We support accommodations, food venues and experiences that follow sustainable practices
  • Through our membership with Carbon Tanzania, we utilize their measurement tools to reduce and offset both our own and client’s carbon footprint
  • We are committed to multiple solutions to reduce and eliminate the use of single-use plastic bottles
  • Our guides and mountain crew are certified by the Leave No Trace environmental awareness project
  • We maintain strict waste management protocols on both mountain and safari trips
  • We support Responsible Tourism Tanzania and adhere to their best practices

Whilst we don’t have all the answers and recognise this is a philosophy and process that continues to evolve, we are committed to giving back and to remaining industry leaders here in East Africa, on the continent and within the global tourism industry.

We welcome your comments, ideas and questions. Feel free to drop us a line:




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