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Ever thought of volunteering in Africa? Of immersing yourself in the lifestyle and culture, whilst assisting the local community?

African Scenic Safaris owns and operates local volunteering hostel, Hostel Hoff. The hostel was opened with the belief that if you want to volunteer, you shouldn't have to pay a high price for the experience. Accommodation costs are kept to a minimum, ensuring volunteering remains affordable. This is a fantastic way to get involved with supporting the community at a grassroots level, promising an experience which will stay with you forever.

Hostel Hoff

The cost of staying at Hostel Hoff is between USD$19 to $21 per night, which includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, laundry and local taxes. The volunteering aspect is free, as it should be!

Volunteers have the opportunity to work at women's groups, centres for children with disabilities, orphanages, non-government schools, hospitals, vocational training centres, community development projects and environmental conservation projects. There is a minimum one month stay, to ensure that all volunteers are truly valuable to the project they work in. Longer stays are very welcome. Internships are also available.

Combine your volunteering with a vast array of incredible Tanzanian activities that lay within easy reach. On weekends, or before and/or after your volunteering, you will find fellow volunteers going on safari, climbing Kilimanjaro, travelling to Zanzibar or doing one of many day trips in the local vicinity. A ready-made group of friends to enjoy travelling with!

Volunteering in Africa is an amazing experience and allows you to get a great feel for the country and the local people. It can be a life changing!

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